Uzungol Lake

Uzungol (meaning “Long Lake” in English) is the 2nd most popular excursion out of Trabzon after Sumela. It is also the name of the village on the Lake’s coast. This was formed by a landslide that later turned into a stream bed and then a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream. The main reason for this place to turn into a very popular tourist attraction is its natural beauty and tranquility. The surrounding greenery and the fog is picturesque and the development in tourism and infrastructural facilities has given tourists even more comfort.

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Sumela Monastery

This is a Greek Orthodox Monastery that is situated on top of the Mela Mountain. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is also a part of the Altindere National Park and thus a place of historic and cultural importance. It was founded in 836 AD during the rule of Theodosius I and has been renovated several times since then.

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Also known as Mt. Minthrion, Boztepe is a hill near the city from where you get a fantastic view of the sunset. The Degirmendere Valley lies on the west of this hill and the hill is majorly covered by the Kaymakli Quarter.


Ataturk’s Villa

This is a villa that was built for the most important man of the city. Ataturk is said to be the famous for getting Turks a number of freedoms and rights. It is a 3 storey house with fabulous interiors with marble and a milk white exterior. The entrance is decorated with a lovely rose garden and the gardens inside are also equally beautiful. It is a good place to rest on a sunny afternoon.

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Trabzon Museum

Also known as the Kostaki Mansion, it is a typical house museum that mainly conserves archeological and ethnographic exhibits. This place was used as the Turkish headquarters during the war. Before that it was built in the 20th century for a wealthy Greek banker named KostakiTeophylaktos and was later taken away from him as he went bankrupt.

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It is a market place where you get all of Persia’s secrets. This includes Parsi jewelry, carpets, clothes and other handicrafts and decorative. The first people who started settling here were the Parsees and now you also get to know the history of Ottoman trade from this place as this has been used as a market place and dealing centre since centuries.

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