Amisos Hill

The natural wonder, being a step to the paradise, famous Amisos Hill (Samsun Hill) is located at the centre of Samsun hence; it dominates whole city. Also the history of marvellous Amisos Hill which is the one of the most visited places in Samsun for domestic and foreign tourists dates back B.C 3th century.
But this natural archaeological site was uncovered by in 1995. When the people come here, they use a cable car (telfer) which is 320 m in long in order to arrive at the hill. Within this amazing cable car, the visitors experience a very funny journey and they are enchanted by the unique landscape of Amisos Hill with its mystic and sincere atmosphere. Except for those features, today this glorious hill includes tea houses, cafes and restaurants. Thus it indicates us that it is highly appropriate for tourists being able to rest, read a book, make an inner journey and retire like the monks here.


Amazon Village

Located on the Amazon Island where is a part of Terme, district of Samsun, famous Amazon Village is an artificial settlement founded by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. This artificial village reflects the ancient time; especially the story of, life style of Amazon Women also called as Tupi is represented here. Thus this area laying a bridge between past and future provides the visitors to observe the prehistoric times and History of Amazons who are the fearless, powerful women warriors. Today, covering the area of 850.000 m2, this wonderful land cost 2.000.000 Turkish Lira. It includes 25 unique waxworks built by famous Turk sculptor Adil Çelik, tents illustrating the daily life, caves, prisons, weapons, water channels, an awesome park full of life-sized cartoon characters like pink panther and Anatolian Lions Statues. In addition to that, there is a cable car (telfer) lying down Amisos Hill from Batıpark which provides the visitors to witness unbelievable, enchanting landscape. This amazing cable car is 323 long and it also causes the people make a fascinating journey to the Amazon Life which leaves them breathless.


Gazi Museum

The unique production of Turkish people, reflecting their history, courage, war period, fighting spirit, a touching scene, journey to the past, fabled Samsun Gazi Museum is a hotel called as Mantika Palas built by famous architect Jean lonnis Mantika in 1902. It is well known that one of the most iconic figures of the early 20th century, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the leader who was reborn from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire to establish Turkey as a sovereign republic, had stayed this glorious museum for a week. Also Gazi Museum is located at Kale district in the centre of Samsun.

Gazi Museum 2Gazi Museum 3Gazi Museum 1

Samsun Archaelogy Museum

Located at the center of the city, near to the governorship, Samsun Archaeology and Ethnographic Museum was found in a fair area. It was built in 1976 and completed 1981.Within this glorious museum, there are exhibited numerous pieces belonging to the Bronze Age, Hittite, Hellenistic, Rome, Seljuk and Ottoman Periods such as sarcophagus, stelas, loamy stones, various architectural masterpieces and embossments.

Samsun Archaelogy Museum 1Samsun Archaelogy Museum 2Samsun Archaelogy Museum 3

Mater Dolorosa Church

The Church which reflects the Christianity is situated in Samsun. It was built by Capuchin Monks in 1846 in order to serve Samsun’s catholic people and Rome Catholic Church. This historical, marvellous structure has a deep and significant history telling and symbolizing hard situation of religious people.

Mater Dolorosa Church 2`Mater Dolorosa Church 1Mater Dolorosa Church 3

Honorary Monument

Symbol of victory and eternal power of Turk people, famous, glorious Honorary Monument of Samsun was erected by Vali Kazım Pasha for the sake of Samsun brave citizens and great leader of Republic of Turkey, Ataturk in 1932. This magnificent monument was made by grand Austrian architect, Heinrich Krippel.

Honorary Monument 1Honorary Monument 2Honorary Monument 3

Hamamyagı Thermal

Proverbial, legendary healing source, Samsun Hamamyagi Thermal Spring is situated in Hamamyagi village, Ladik district of Samsun. One of the most important tourism area, marvellous hot spring is a distinguished and elegant place for the people thanks to its healing water, picnic site and travel plaza hence, today it is among the best and the most famous hot springs in worldwide.

Hamamyagi Thermal 1Hamamyagi Thermal 2Hamamyagi Thermal 3

Tekkekoy Caves

Famous Tekkeköy caves are placed in Tekkeköy, district of Samsun. Tekkeköy inns arise from coming together of those natural little caves carved into the rock. These natural formations show the first sign of life in this area; as a result of excavations, some relics belonging to the prehistoric times were come out such as machete, boomerang and cutlery made of stone which reflects there is a very deep history of those breath-taking inns. Today, Tekkeköy inns make a major contribution to the tourism thanks to its having only open air museum in Black Sea and multicultural historical value hence, many project are organised in the worldwide.

Tekkekoy Caves 1Tekkekoy Caves 2Tekkekoy Caves 3